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Delikon Flexible Conduit & Fittings Co., Ltd.
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Delikon flexible conduits & fittings ---
Your Professional Electrical Wiring Protection Solutions.

We manufacture and export cost saving electrical flexible conduits (wire protection flexible tubes) and fittings for residential, commercial, retail, institutional, and industrial applications.

Products & Services:
*Wire braided Flexible Conduit (explosion proof)
*Liquid-tight Flexible Metallic and Non Metallic Conduit
*Flexible Metallic Conduit
*Flexible Non-metallic Conduit
*Flexible Conduit Connectors & Fittings
*Conduit Clip & Mounting Accessories
*Strain Relief Fittings (for cables & cords)
*Manufacturing as per customers' samples & specifications

Applications: - For electrical wiring protections & managements :
Residential, Commercial, Telecom, retail, institutional, and industrial construction, including commercial office buildings, hospitals, banks, shopping centers, computer centers, and manufacturing facilities. New construction renovations and re-hab construction. Our products have also been used extensively for protecting electrical wirings in machineries and other industrial environments.

(Flexible hose and fittings for water supply, gases, hydraulic and other
applications are also available. Please write to us for more details.)

heavy series OVER braided liquid tight conduit heavy sheath over braided flexible conduit fittings f

Braided Flexible Conduit ( YF-704 )

Braided Flexible Conduit ( PBF )

Braided Flexible Conduit ( WNS )

Liquidtight Flexible Conduit ( YF-706 )

Liquidtight flexible metallic conduit

Racing Car Engine Fuel,Oil,and Coolant Hose,Performance Hose

Flexible stainless steel conduit,for protection of instrument wirings

Braided electric flexible steel conduits

Braided electric flexible metal conduits

Vacuum jacketed steel flexible conduit for high-flex installations.(VJC)

Flexible Conduit System For Mining and iron Industry Wirings

flexible conduit

liquid tight connector,LT connector,LT fittings

Overbraided Flexible Metal Conduit Systems for Industry Cable Management

DELIKON metallic liquidtight connector,liquidtight connector and fittings LIQUID TIGHT metal connect

DELIKON high quality liquidtight metal conduit and fittings

metal over braided Flexible metallic Conduit

liquid tight connector

liquid tight metal conduit
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Products & Service
Type HS Code Description
M,E854790electrical flexible conduit,raceway,flexible metallic conduit,non-metallic,tube,hose,conduit fitting,electrical connector,liquid-tight connector,wire braided flexible conduit,flexible stainless steel conduit
M,E391739flexible tube for electrical wiring
M830710liquid tight conduit
M790600DELIKON PG METRIC NPT liquid tight conduit fittings
M790710liquid tight connector
( M=Manufacture, E=Export, I=Import, S=Service )
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SHANGHAI, Shanghai
China 201600
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